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Bloch Synthesis Pointe Shoe SO175L

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Synthesis Pointe Shoe SO175L from Bloch is an exceptional pointe shoe. It combines our revolutionary Relevease shank with a traditional full outsole and innovative stretch satin upper, which hugs the foot and creates a beautiful line like no other pointe shoe can. The Relevease insole gives you unparalleled support through demi and onto pointe.

Features of the Synthesis Pointe Shoe

  • The full stretch-satin upper molds the foot, preventing any wrinkles when performing
  • Medium-sized oblong platform gives superior balance and stability
  • Bloch’s revolutionary Relevease insole uses biomimicry to echo the function of the human spine, allowing you full flexion and easy roll through demi to en pointe
  • Medium-length U-shaped vamp provides support, with a graduated toe box made with long-lasting, natural materials
  • Bloch A-Paste formula for superior performance and support
  • Leather heel grip stops the shoe slipping when moving between flat and en pointe
  • Shock absorbing heel
  • Removable internal gel cushions for the toe box for added comfort if the dancer chooses
  • Noise reduction technology under the pleats to keep you silent on stage
  • Elastic drawstring
  • Low-cut sides and flatter profile give an elegant look

Recommended sizing: Start with 2.5 to 3 sizes down from street shoe size.

Ribbon is not included with pointe shoes.

Processing and handling times may be longer than usual for the following:

  • X - 4.5, 6
  • XX - 3.5, 7
  • XXX - 7.5