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So Danca

So Danca Glue-Teus-Maximus AC33

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Glue-Teus-Maximus AC33 is So Danca's brand new Dancer Body Glue, the secret weapon for dancers seeking reliable and long-lasting performance support. Specially formulated for dancers' unique needs, this body glue offers superior adhesion, keeping costumes, leotards, and accessories securely in place throughout rigorous performances. With its hypoallergenic and sweat-resistant formula, our Dancer Body Glue ensures peace of mind, allowing dancers to focus on their artistry while maintaining a polished and professional appearance. 

Features of the So Danca Glue-Teus-Maximus AC33

  • Roll-on body glue
  • Keeps shorts, tops, socks, or costumes in place
  • Non-staining, sweat-resistant, washable from clothing and skin
  • Ethyl alcohol 75%/Rosin 25%