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Showtapper Tap Shoe

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Showtapper Tap Shoe SO323 from Bloch is an exceptional tap shoe. The tap shoes is a leather tap shoe with a 1.25ƒ? heel providing strength and style, as well as high-quality?ÿBloch Techno Taps. Features a grip on the bottom sole of the shoe and techno heel and toe taps. A great tap shoe for the intermediate or advanced tap dancers for class, rehearsal or performance.

Features of the Showtapper Tap Shoe

  • Non-slip pro balance rubber pad behind the forefoot tap, with channels to allow flexibility
  • Soft cotton and leather lining for comfort
  • Padded insole for shock absorption
  • Strap and buckle attached with elastic for comfort and flexibility
  • Sturdy 1.5 inch heel for serious tappers who want strength with style
  • Non-slip Pro Balance rubber pad under the ball of foot?ÿto smooth out weight transference
  • Ankle strap and buckle attach to the shoe with elastic and provide security, while easing tension on the instep
  • Cushioned insole and padded lining provides comfort and shock absorption
  • Soft cashmere lining and padded insole for comfort and moisture reduction
  • The back of the shoe has no seam lines in lining and an extra piece of black leather to secure the heel and minimize rubbing