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Pretty Tote Dance Bag

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Pretty Tote Dance Bag B240 from Capezio is a beautiful dance tote bag. The dance bag is pink and funcional while being structured. This tote is bowler shaped that features a reversible sequin pair of ballet shoes that can match how youƒ??re feeling that day. Also, there is a side compartment that is ideal for your dance shoes and makes it easy to get them in and out. There is also a zipper on the top to store your other dance items. With the adorable heart details that enhance your straps you will show your personality and love for dance. This dance bag is fully lined for security.

Features of the Pretty Tote Dance Bag

  • Bowler shaped
  • Reversible sequins
  • Side compartment for shoes, top zipper for other dance items
  • Heart details to enhance straps
  • Fully lined
  • 100% polyester
  • Measurements are: 22.8cm x 28cm x 11.4cm (excluding handles)