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Les Cygnes

Les Cygnes Pointe Shoe Shellac

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Why Pointe Shoe Shellac?
Pointe Shoe Shellac from Les Cygnes is a must have for busy dancers. Our travel size 2oz bottle comes with an easy-to-use applicator, making it the perfect addition to your dance bag. Pointe Shoe Shellac is a pointe shoe hardener proven to make your shoes last longer, and with its fast drying formula- it ensures quick application before class, rehearsal or performances. Whether you're a professional dancer or just starting out, Pointe Shoe Shellac is an essential tool for anyone looking to extend the life of their pointe shoes.

Features of the Jet Glue

  • One size: 2 oz.
  • Includes 5" Shellac applicator wand
  • Quick drying - 20 minutes or less