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Gel Knee Pad

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Gel Knee Pad BH1650 and BH1651 from Bunheads is an exceptional knee pad that is designed specifically for dancers. Bamboo knit fabric contoured silicone knee pad provides comfortable support and protection in the studio. Slips on and stays in place through those long rehearsals. Nude fabric and low profile make them less visible on stage.

Features of the Gel Knee Pad

  • Content: Bamboo, Spandex, Gel
  • Sizes: Small (11 ?Č"h x 4"w) and Large (11 ?Č"h x 4 ?ź"w)
  • Bamboo knit fabric and silicone gel pads
  • 2 per package
  • Recommended care: Hand wash with mild detergent and allow to air dry completely