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Bloch Orbit Foot Thong SO638L

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Orbit Foot Thong SO638L from Bloch is a superior footwear choice for Contemporary, Lyrical, and Modern dance classes. Created with innovative stretch canvas fabric, protect your feet with fibre that acts like a second skin and provides a "barely there" aesthetic for dancers looking to dance barefoot. Optimal toe openings allow for even weight distribution, and the leather outsoles protect the skin from tears and floor burn at the ball of the foot. With soft, wide elastic backed with silicone to ensure a secure fit and additional padding designed within the footpad enhances comfort, this is the perfect choice for any dancer!

Features of the Bloch Orbit Foot Thong SO638L

  • Stretch canvas fabric
  • Optimal toe openings for even weight distribution
  • Leather outsoles
  • Soft, wide elastic openings
  • Additional padding within the footpad for added comfort
  • Suggested fitting: XS (size 3 shoe), S (size 3.5 - 4.5 shoe), M (size 5 - 7 shoe), L (7.5 - 9 shoe). Order same as street shoe size.