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Stretch Satin Ribbon

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Stretch Satin Ribbon A0528 from Bloch is a superior pointe shoe ribbon. Professional pre-cut single-faced stretch satin ribbon allows for the natural flexion, movement and extension of ankle and heel, while also allowing movement from pli?? to pointe with minimal constriction and no bagginess. Stretch relieves unnecessary stress on the Achilles tendon because the ankle and heel can flex and extend easily. This packet has enough ribbon for one pair of pointe shoes.

Features of the Stretch Satin Ribbon

  • 2yds/1.8m
  • Shade B24 is a paler peachy tan with subtle yellow undertones
  • Shade B27 is a golden brown with a hint of yellow and peachy undertones
  • Shade B29 is a warm rich brown with a subtle hint of red undertone
  • Shade B31 is a deeper shade of brown with a strong depth of red undertone
  • Pre-cut and is enough for one pair of pointe shoes